Another Homemade Lunchable Bento

After a small mishap where I couldn't find my camera card reader, it has been recovered (from the drawer that I likely put it in so I'd remember where it was). Thankfully, I took pictures all week long, so I have some bento backlog to share with you all.

But first, a St. Patrick's bento story--on Thursdays, I have lunch with F&B after I help out at their school. One of the little girls in Ben's class came up to me yesterday and said "I really love Ben's lunches, he always has the coolest stuff. The shamrock lunch yesterday? The lunch teacher even took a picture of it!" The first graders are adorable.

The other day, Ben wanted a lunchable-style lunch, but only with food he liked in it, so we made our own.  This one is actually Faith's, but his would be the same with a few blueberries too.  They had sharp cheddar cheese cubes, some rolled turkey, Ritz crackers, carrot sticks, and strawberries.  Not picture, they had yogurt and granola.  I've been buying yogurt and packaging it separately for them, so I can have a weeks worth of grab&go yogurt just waiting in the fridge for lunches, in reusable containers of course!


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