A Bento with Ben's Help

Another bento from earlier this week, with a little design help from Mr. Ben, who wanted his name written in ham. Why ham, I have no idea, but you want ham? You get ham around here.

Ben had a cheese quesadilla with his BEN in ham on top. To go with that, he had strawberries, blueberries, a cutie orange, and a brownie bite. He's also been on a yogurt and granola kick, so he had that in a different container for snack. We are packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon), I've been on a dishwasher kick lately, so using lots of dishwasher safe containers.


  1. Hi Shannon! Thank you for the ideas. I love it.
    Stopping by from Blog Hop

    Witha @ http://withapinkie.blogspot.com

  2. I think the ham on top makes the whole meal!

  3. I am always SOOOOO impressed by mamas who do Bentos.

    Way to provide constant delight for your kiddos (shhhhh...don't tell mine what they're missing! : ))

    Visiting from the Networking Blog Hop and loving what I'm seeing.

    I'm a new follower and would love for you to stop by for a visit! : )

    ~Abbie (www.fivedaysfiveways.com)


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