Bunny Bento for Faith

When Faith was really little, we went to a playdate at a friend of a friend's house. The hostess has little mini finger sandwiches with teeny breads, an herb cream cheese, and thinly sliced cucumber. Faith was enamored with those little breads, but I haven't bought them since we lived in our first house. While at King Sooper's (Colorado's answer to Kroger), they had a loaf of mini pumpernickel bread on sale, and I had to buy it.

Today, Faith had two mini sandwiches (I think ham & cheddar) on the mini pumpernickel bread, topped with bunny picks for the cute factor. To go with it, she had carrots, caramel vanilla crisps, strawberry yogurt, strawberries and grapes. It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).


  1. The bunnies are so cute! I love tiny loaves of bread :D

  2. Mini bread is really fun! It is hard to find here.


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