Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Fried Noodle Bento

On Thursdays, I helped out at F&B's school around 10am. Faith has lunch at 11am and Ben's is right after hers. Since I'm coming in later, they just take a snack and I've been trying to bring them a warmer lunch since I can cook it or heat it right before I go there.

This week, we did fried noodles with chicken. Pretty simple really--cook ramen noodles with the seasonings, let them sit and soften, then drain the broth. Fry them in a wee bit of oil, some seasonings, and add some diced chicken (we had leftover chicken tenders, so already cooked too). As usual, nothing too fancy, but a nice trade from the typical cold lunches. The husband figures it would make a good cold noodle dish too.

Ben had his fried noodles, along with strawberries, blueberries, a cutie orange (their new obsession) and two Girl Scout Savannah Smiles cookies. (FYI, the cookies are awesome, very lemon-y.) It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).


  1. 11am seems very early to have lunch, do all the kids eat that early or is it spread over several hours? If I eat lunch at 11am I'm starving by 3pm!

  2. Faith eats around 11, Ben around 11:20. School is over at 2:30 (they start early, 7:30), and they are both starving when they walk in the door. I have to feed them after school because we eat dinner later too. :o(

  3. John's lunch time is around 11:20, too. He gets on the bus in the morning at 8:30ish, has breakfast in the cafeteria before classes start, lunch at 11:20, snack around 1:20, then dismissal at 2:45 and home by 3:15ish. By 4pm he's generally ready for dinner to be served!

  4. (by the way -- the noodles look amazing!)

  5. Huh, I was actually disappointed by the Savannah Smiles cookies -- I didn't think they were lemony enough! Didn't stop me from eating the whole box though. ;)



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