Another Bunny Bento

We are still enjoying a bunny lunch or two this week, it's almost Easter after all. And well, I like bunnies. This lunch, however, is apparently a bunny and orange theme. Didn't realize that till I looked at the picture.

Either way, the kids had bunny boiled eggs, Ben's favorite cheesy zucchini bread (bottom right), carrots, cutie oranges, and cantaloupe. They also took Greek yogurt for snacks as we have some yummy ones from a review (coconut and cherry-pomegranate).


  1. Do you have a recipe posted for the zucchini bread?

  2. Hi Shannon, what is the blue liner for cantaloupe and where can I buy it? Thank you!

  3. Sure to both!

    The zucchini recipe is here:

    The blue liner is a Wilton silicone cupcake liner. They come in packs of 12, think, blue & green and they are little squares, so perfect for bento boxes.


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