Back from Spring Break Bento

F&B were on Spring Break last week, and my mom and dad came to visit us in Colorado. With all that happening, I made the executive decision to take a blogging break for a week and just enjoy the time to relax. I have to say, from a mental perspective, it was a great idea.

I did still post last week's What's for Lunch Wednesday, I bought F&B two new boxes (because *I* love Max and Ruby!) and I taught a kids' cooking class at our base housing office, which seems like it may turn into a monthly event. We made the easy version of corndog muffins to keep things simple, which were a hit with the kids. Since we didn't have leftovers there, I made a batch at home for F&B as well.

For their first day back, both kids had a corndog muffin, some cantaloupe (finally found reasonable prices for melon), a mini cupcake from my freezer stash and some carrots, in the new boxes. They also took some cheese sticks for snacks, since I needed to run to the store for some other options.

Yes, I know, we don't need boxes, but it's Max!!!


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