Disposable Bentos for Field Trips

Both F&B had field trips today! Faith was going with her science club to a gold mine out in Cripple Creek and Ben went to see their middle school buddies at another school. For this, both kids needed a sack lunch. Check! A disposable sack lunch? Um ...

So we went to work looking for containers and bags in our house (here's an older version I made when Faith went camping at NASA back in Texas). We came up with a few recyclable containers, and I did have brown paper bags (which I bought for a scrapbooking project, not lunches). I did have to suck it up and buy a 6 pack of water bottles because we didn't actually have any options for disposable drinks and I didn't want to risk a stainless steel bottle being lost.

This would be Ben's lunch. I have it packed in a washed out container from blueberries He had a black pepper turkey and colby jack cheese sandwich on multigrain rounds. After slicing it to fit in the box, and adding a raisin granola bar, I discovered it kind of looked like a mushroom, so added a cheddar butterfly with muenster accents to it (the antenna is a carrot sliver). Ben also had a cutie orange and a big strawberry.

For Faith, I had a styrofoam container leftover from a restaurant the other night, so I washed that out as well. Faith has the same general foods as Ben, but added carrots and took away the orange. Her sandwich is decorated to look like a bear because I couldn't figure out what else I could see in the sandwich and it was 11pm when I made it.

And brown paper bags are boring, so I drew Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb on both. Faith had him as Perry and Ben had him as Agent P. I am typically not an artist, but I can draw flat characters halfway decently.

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  1. I use berry containers for field trips too. So convenient, and I always have a stash of them lying around. Cute face is visible though the window too!

  2. Oh, those clear containers are perfect! Between berries & sprouts, we end up with a lot of those. I guess it's time to start saving them! I would love not having to use plastic baggies when forced to make disposable lunches. Thanks for the great tip! :)

    Becka @ Just a Bunch of Momsense

  3. I just hate disposable lunches... I'm so into using my containers and reusable bags that I just start picturing how it all adds up in the trash if I don't. FORTUNATELY unlike last year, the school has apparently become more environmentally aware and simply asked for "bag lunch" on field trips. the first time, I emailed the teacher and checked it was okay. The 2nd time, I just noticed it didn't say disposable, and the third time I didn't even think of it needing to be disposable in any way... and was pleasantly surprised to see that almost every student had been trash-free or trash-minimal.

    HOWEVER, when you have to be disposable (and I understand there are truly those times), this is a fantastic solution. Another favorite of mine is that I save containers from just about everything... and if you use wax paper to separate when dealing with a tall one, you can use one or more to pack a disposable lunch or at least one where you don't care if the containers come back.

    I routinely use a cole slaw container for taking salads in, for instance.

  4. Great idea! I usually have my kids buy lunch for field trips because the cafeteria will pack a lunch for them. But I like this idea better!

  5. Fabulous idea for something you'd recycle anyway. Way to be resourceful! I like it! :)

  6. So resourceful! I would usually send Lunchables for fieldtrips. But now you gave me a better option. I can now send healthier meals on fieldtrips as well. I will start saving the plastic fruit containers at least 2 per kids next time. Thanks!

  7. Awesome! Perfect lunches for a field trip and love your artistry...we are also big fans of P&F :)

  8. Love the reuse items for when you HAVE to make a disposable lunch :)


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