One More Disposable Bento

Faith had a field trip today for an Earth Day event on post. She asked if I had one more recyclable container since it was easier to get rid of a container than to have to bring things back home afterwards. Thankfully, I had one last takeout container, so I used it for her.

We had leftover roast beef (last night's dinner), so I hollowed out some more of yesterday's baguette to make stuffed sandwiches. Inside, there is roast beef, provolone, mayo and lettuce. She had a few strawberries, a banana muffin, some carrot sticks, and some fruit leather we are trying out from Stretch Island Fruit Company. She picked mango for that.

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  1. Yummy! Stuffed baguette sandwich sounds really good right now! I need to bake some bread this week

  2. That's a great idea! My daughter has several field trips coming up where everything must be packed in a disposable containers. It pains me to do that... but if I reuse some take out containers, I'll at least feel a little better about things.


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