Angry Birds Memorial Day Bento

Since we are all off for Memorial Day, I had plenty of time on my hands to play around with a fun lunch for Ben.

I've been wanting to try an Angry Birds one for awhile as it's one of his favorite iTouch games. (We also still love OmNom and Cut the Rope.) Of course, being Memorial Day, the Angry Bird had to be flying in with his American flag, which did amuse the husband as well.

Ben has Angry Bird cream cheese and jelly sandwiches.  The three pigs, plus the bird, used out about two whole slices of bread, so pretty close to a regular sandwich worth.  I used the heel of the bread to make the pigs' noses and the upper layer of the bird.  The eyes are Wilton candy eyes, the beak on the bird is cheese, and the eyebrows/tail on the bird are grape fruit leather from the Stretch Island Fruit Company.  To go with that, he had pineapple and vanilla yogurt with sprinkles (oddly enough, I do not own red/blue sprinkles; this must be remedied).  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).


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