Ben's Field Trip Lunch

Today was Ben's field trip to some sort of fossil bed place and his teacher asked for disposable lunches please.

 We are low on disposable containers, so I recused this tomato one from my fridge, washed it out and figured, it could work. It's taller than the standard sized berry containers, so I used a bit of waxed paper to separate it into two levels (with nothing overly messy).

Bottom level - apple slices and raspberries in paper muffin wrappers so they wouldn't touch each other.  Raspberries sometimes leak.

Top level - on top of the wax paper, there are two slices of pizza (one on top of the other) and two of the Star Wars cookies we made--Darth Vader and Yoda!  We dyed some of the dough green for Yoda, as well as making a few Yoda cookie pops!

All sealed up and ready to go!  Had to adjust Yoda and Darth to make them fit.

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