Last Day, Half Day Bento

Today was the kids' last day of school and they only had a half day, over at 11:30. They both still had a short lunchtime, so I went ahead and sent them a little bento to tide them over, and hopefully counteract the goodies they were getting at their class parties.

In the bento, they each had two mini chili-cornbread muffins, some apple cinnamon granola bites we are taste testing for a blog review, some carrot sticks and some strawberries.  This is Faith's box, as evidenced by the bunny picks.

We'll still be bento-making in the summer.  Ben has Cub Scout Day Camp, the kids like to picnic, and I have ideas in my head that might be a great test-run in our kitchen.  Plus my 5 year blogaversary is at the end of June and I'll have goodies to give away for that!  Stay tuned!