A Lunchable-Style Bento

As often mentioned, F&B love the concept of lunchables, but they don't quite like what's in them. However, making one's own lunchable is a fairly easy task (and can be accomplished with a new puppy sitting at one's feet hoping for bits of leftover cheese; fyi, we got a puppy, his name is Dante!). So since it was a busy morning, and Dante-puppy was hanging out in the kitchen with me, F&B took homemade lunchables for today.

So today, the kiddos have rolled up ham, secured with picks, cheddar cheese cubes (shared with the puppy), some Ritz crackers, some blueberry pomegranate crisps, vanilla yogurt with sprinkles, strawberries, and in the case of Ben, raspberries too (Faith still hates raspberries).  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).  

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  1. Wait, what was that slipped in there about a new puppy??? NEED pics. And details. Lots of pics.


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