Pretzel Roll Bentos!

It's the last week of school! So my current plan involves finishing out some of the random bits and pieces of food before that happens. While we do make lunches in the summer, the kids often fend for themselves and the husband comes home frequently for lunch so that justifies a bit of cooking at mid-day.
We did have pretzel rolls in the fridge and that is what both F&B requested today.

Faith had a turkey and cheese sandwich on a pretzel roll, along with strawberries, grapes and carrots. I also added some creme brûlée crisps after the picture.

Ben had the same sandwich, carrot and grapes, along with a cutie orange, plus I added some granola bites to his box.  It was early, I flaked on a treat for both till after I looked at the pictures!

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  1. Last week! We have 1.5 more weeks to go, and I am counting the days!

  2. Mmm, pretzel rolls! Those look good :)


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