Yoda Bento & Teacher Appreciation

Ben's still on his Star Wars kick, so I went with it. Yoda amuses me, and the Yoda cookie cutter from my Williams-Sonoma set is probably my favorite.  It really takes the pattern well.  

Ben has a turkey and cheese sandwich on multigrain rounds, topped with a Yoda cheese.  Yoda is cut from provolone, then stamped with food safe marker colored on the cookie cutter stamping piece.  Since green cheese would be an issue, he's stamped with green instead.  Below, Ben has fresh strawberries and raspberries, cucumbers (no peel) and carrots.  He also took Greek yogurt along that day.

This week was also Teacher Appreciation week. I had ideas bookmarked, but we also got a puppy last weekend.  Craftiness was sent to the back burner, and I went with the safe yet yummy option of a Starbucks card.  I got the guy at the store to give me 7 of the coffee sleeves (the kids each have a main teacher and they have the same 5 specials teachers, so 7 total), and I made a quick gift card holder.

I used hot glue to seal up the bottom of the sleeve, tucked in the gift card and added a flower and brad to tighten up the holder a bit (it was wider than the gift card).  On the back, each one had "Thanks a 'Latte' for being my (our) teacher!" and signed with one or both kids' names.    I really thought they turned out cute, so I'm filing this idea to make again.


  1. It IS a super cute idea, and for once I'm actually glad we live far apart, so I could use it for my kids' teachers - thanks ! :)

  2. The Yoda is adorable, but the gift card holders are simply brilliant!

    Visiting from SITS Sharefest :)


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