Another Older Bento for Faith

We're home from vacation, we've got food and should have some new material for this coming week.  And I'm also thinking of blogging out some new recipes we try along the way, bentos or not).  I also bought some awesome new bento stuff for me while in LA and was very thrilled to get a note from Cub Scout Day Camp requesting reusable lunches to cut down on their trash footprint. I am *more* than happy to comply.  (I'd actually be having more trouble with disposable lunches, I used all my saved containers for end of the year field trips.)

But for now, I still have a bento from the school year that I can share. By the pink box and background, this one was obviously for Faith.

She had a stuffed muffin, although at this point, I have no idea what it was.  From the color, it's likely chili, but there's a chance of taco as well.  To the right is a mini cupcake, probably pink lemonade because I don't remember making any other mini cupcakes in recent months, strawberries, grapes and carrots.

It's kind of weird because even a simple, non-embellished lunch looks so much nicer when it's all set out neatly in a box.


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