Ben's First Day of Cub Scout Camp Bento

The boy is off to Cub Scout this week. This past year was his first year in Scouts and he got his Tiger badge. In the fall, he starts as a Wolf Cub (and the husband has agreed to be one of the troop leaders). However, out of everything, I think he was most excited about day camp.

I was too--in the initial email, it was asked to bring lunch in reusable containers, to cut down on the trash generated. I can DO reusable containers! It's the disposable ones I have problems with.

This is one of the bentos I bought on our California trip--it's three tiered, but none of the layers are huge. It's great for separating out the fruit with no leakage. Faith has one in pink as well.

Ben has:
Top layer--ham and cheese sandwich on Nature's Own sandwich rounds, topped with an American flag pick and "Cub Scouts" cut out of cheese to decorate it
Middle layer--strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe and raspberries with chocolate chips inside
Bottom layer--veggie straws and a Darth Vader cookie

They also had to bring snacks, so I used several individual containers that I normally use for yogurt/granola.  One held strawberry yogurt, one had a sliced kiwi and some more blueberries, and the third had Triscuit crisps and some cheese.  He ate everything.


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