Day Camp Day 4 Puzzle Bento

Ben's last day of Cub Scout Day Camp was on Thursday. We got to go at the end for a little end of camp ceremony with skits and the boys got their camp patches.

 Thursday *night* was another story, when after dinner, Ben showed us a splinter he got on Day 2 of camp and never mentioned till he couldn't bend his finger. We ended up going to the ER on post, where the doctor had to give him lidocaine, slice the splinter out, then superglue the wound together. A fun evening was not had by all.

But back to the bento ...

Ben had a ham sandwich on 12 grain bread, cut into puzzle pieces with a LunchPunch.  Since 12 grain bread doesn't always cut amazingly well, I topped it with baby swiss puzzle pieces to show off the look better.  On the right, he had kiwi, blueberry and cantaloupe, and for a sweet, he had blueberry pomegranate crisps.  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).


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