Fourth of July Bento Ideas

Well, to be fair, it's not really a bento. The ideas are perfectly useful for a bento, but at the time of making it, I had a dishwasher I forgot to turn on (so full of dirty dishes) and a sink also full of dirty dishes. That thwarted my plan of empty dishwasher and reload, so instead, I'm using a plate which is much easier than a hand washable only bento.

The other part that amused me is that, short of the silicone cup, all the accessories are from the Dollar Tree, so it's bento ideas on the cheap! The star cookie cutter came from a bag of Christmas cutters from the Dollar Tree, the heart shaped picks came in a box of 100, and the flag pick is from a set of cupcake wrappers and picks.

So what is for lunch? A triple decker ham and cheese sandwich on 12-grain bread, all cut into stars (hint, cut all the pieces first, then assemble).  It's topped with a paper flag and mini cheese stars from the scraps.  There's blueberry and raspberry kebabs and some whipped cream in the blue star to dip them in, some extra cheese stars, and the letters USA cut from cherry fruit leather from Stretch Island Fruit Company.  I rather liked it.

Since it's holiday themed, there's also a great blog hop to follow for more ideas.  Click here to check out Molly's Lunch Box for another great meal idea.


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