Hormel May - Ending the School Year with a Bang

Another Hormel topic that seems like it was designed for my blog--fun school lunches to end the school year with a bang!

Now that is something I can definitely write about.  F&B finished school last week and I will admit, the last couple of weeks of lunches were a creative struggle.  I was done making them, they were done eating them, and we got a puppy which takes up a lot more time than I was thinking.  I've had my moments thinking why in the world would I get a creature who doesn't sleep through the night???  I like my sleep.

Anyhow, thanks to Hormel, I've got a few great recipe ideas that might help for the end of the school year lunches, as well as fun summer lunches.  I use summer as my experiment time for new ideas for the next school year (or in the case of the Angry Birds bento last week, a creative moment or two).

A few fun suggestions:
Even better?  These all have the ability to be made *BY* the kids.  I'm putting F&B in charge of summer lunches on some days since they are going on 10 and 7, and well, I need a break! They usually opt for the standard sandwiches, fruit, veggies and a treat, but Faith especially is beginning to like to make things in the kitchen, all on her own, so those recipes look perfect to try.

Any great summertime kid-friendly recipes to share?  I'd love to hear them, especially if they can be kid-made, not just kid-eaten!

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