Mini-Sandwich Bento

Well, we are on vacation (still), but the internet at our last hotel was less than ideal. As in, it didn't work. So I gave up over the weekend, enjoyed Disneyland with F&B, did some bento shopping in California, then we moved to a new hotel this morning. Now we have internet again!!!

As mentioned, I saved some old bentos to blog while we were away, and in keeping with our obsession with all things miniature, we have mini-sandwiches!

This is obviously a Faith bento, as I know it's her box, and well, it's got a pink bunny pick and pink paper.  She had mini-cream cheese and jelly sandwiches on pumpernickel, along with carrots, grapes and strawberries.  Despite how small the box looks, it hold a fair amount of food for her, especially if you add in something like a yogurt to go with.