Yoda Pop Bento

Happy Summer Everyone!

We're actually in California right now, enjoying a bit of vacation now that school is out in Colorado. We took the kids to LA since they have never been to Disneyland, then we'll hit the beach, maybe San Diego and SeaWorld, and my awesome husband drove me all over LA to do some bento shopping on Wednesday.

I did save a few bentos from school to blog while we were gone, since I hate just not posting for a week (and figured you all didn't want to see vacation pictures).

In this bento, Ben had a turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat rounds, accented with a Yoda pop.  We made the Yoda pops for Star Wars Day, so saved a picture to blog in the future.  Yoda is actually made from my favorite sugar cookie dough (I'll post that when we get home, forgot to bring the recipe with me), colored with a bit of green food coloring.  I thought he turned out pretty awesome.  To the right, Ben has carrots, pretzels, blackberries and strawberries ... and a fork to eat them with.  It's all packed in our Easy Lunchboxes, the only one the Yoda pop fits into.


  1. You are a clever mom to make healthy lunches so much fun! Just dropping in from the May Day Hop and would love to invite you to share this at Freedom Fridays Blog Hop. So hoping to see you there!
    PS I am now following you.

  2. The Yoda pop is totally cool! Even a big kid like me love it :) Won't u send me some too, Shannon?? Hahaha!

    I know I haven't been cooking much lately due to my strings of events & product reviews, but here's something you may like @ Go Retro With CasaBento Pink Cocolon Bento Box Kit. See u there!

  3. Oh my goodness, you're so creative!!! I bet your family enjoys your wonderful bentos!

  4. Love the Yoda pop! The whole lunch looks delicious.


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