Homemade Mini-Corndog Bento

Besides the obsession with bento, have you all noticed that I have a wee bit of a problem with cool kitchen gadgets?

One of my bento friends linked up to a sale on a mini-corndog maker on sale at Perpetual Kid for $5. Shipping was an additional $4 and despite the fact that I need another little machine like I need a hole in the head, I ordered one. The children and I eagerly anticipated its arrival, hoping it would be as cool as it seemed.

The results??? Just look below!

Ben has three perfectly cooked mini corndogs, made with homemade batter and one of our favorite sausages.  (This is why the machine rocks, I can pick the ingredients!!!)  To go with that, he had carrot sticks, carrot coins, cucumber flowers, strawberries and raspberries with chocolate chips inside, all packed in a Paperchase box.

As for that cool little machine?  It also makes awesome sausage-stuffed pancakes!!!