Quesadilla Bento for Ben!

Last Christmas, my sister-in-law got me a quesadilla maker.  I'm a little obsessed with kitchen gadgets and trust me, this was a perfect gift.  F&B love quesadillas and I really like how the maker seals the edges.  It also imprints the quesadilla to easily cut it into six slices.  We've done a lot of quesadilla experimenting, from the standard cheeses with extras to peanut butter and jelly (Ben and I love these)!

This time, Ben had bean and cheese quesadillas with a cute little hot pepper pick. After all, actual hot peppers might have poisoned the boy.  To go with it, he has strawberries and raspberries, carrots and cucumbers, along with ranch dip.  This was actually made for an outside picnic, hence no wrapping on the dip.  For school, I would have chosen a container with a lid.  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).

Trying something out, links to what I used to make the bento (oh, and my cake pop maker from the last post), what do you think?



  1. Quesadillas are great in bentos! Also, I like the links.

  2. Do quesadillas taste ok hours later and cold?

  3. Do quesadillas taste ok hours later at lunch...and cold? I see a lot of things like this in lunches, but would not think they would taste as good cold.


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