Another Lunch, Another New Bento Box

We're all about the new boxes lately!

When we were in California at the end of May, the husband was kind enough to drive to several stores to do a bit of bento shopping.  I didn't find everything I wanted, but I got several new boxes, dividers and a ton of new picks.

These boxes are actually smaller and thinner than most of the two tier ones I have, so perfect for F&B.  Faith's has a black top with flowers and came with a light pink band, Ben's is blue, no design and a blue band.  I think his needs a sticker or something on top.

Today, Faith had faux sushis with rolled out multigrain breads, romaine lettuce, ham, cream cheese and a sliver of carrot.  I thought they really turned out cute!  To go with it, she had skewers of grapes, the leftover bits of carrots from the sandwich, and cucumber hearts.  At the last minute, I discovered we were out of veggie straws, so I subbed in some Plum Kids Organic Fruit Shreds (peach) and half of a Gnu Foods Carrot Cake Bar.  The Gnu bar was from a swap and the Plum Kids shreds were a sample, the kids loved both!


  1. That is so cute. We have a small local Japanese Grocery, but that have very few Bento items. I would love to go to California to one of their stores!


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