First Day of School Bento & a PlanetBox

I've been coveting a PlanetBox for quite awhile now. It's pretty, it's stainless steel, you can decorate it with your choice of magnets, and it has a darling little matching bag to carry it in.

I was more than a bit excited when PlanetBox offered to send me a set to try out for the kids.  They had some serious negotiations on the bag color (turquoise won) but managed to quickly compromise on the magnet set (there was a winter/skiing set).

The second dilemma was who got to use it on the first day of school.

In the end, Ben won, since Faith has another nice new set to use that was sent specifically for her, so it seemed only fair to at least let him use the other new box.  He was really excited, and came home telling me that his teacher needed my blog address so I had to give him a card for her.

Ben had a turkey and provolone sandwich on multigrain rounds, topped with a "Second Grade Star" pattern (made from a marbled cheese.  He had blueberries, carrots and cucumber stars, watermelon with a few more stars and two mini brownie bites from the other new handy-dandy kitchen machine I bought recently.  The extra space in the box was perfect for one of his Fabkins napkins.

The verdict?  We *LOVE* the box.  Ben said  that it was easy to open and all the food stayed separated nicely, even with turning the box on its side to put it in the bag.  Of course, the next question was could I wash it so Faith could have a turn.

Want a PlanetBox?  We'd love it if you'd shop our affiliate. :)


  1. Your letter's seem like a great size. Where did you get them?

  2. They are from Williams-Sonoma, in a little tin with the cookie cutter/baking supplies. :)

  3. I love our planetboxes. I bit the bullet and got one for each of my boys. It's so much easier to make matching lunches. Thankfully, I've got a couple more years before my daughter will need one to match!


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