Kid-friendly "Sushi" Bento

I've been messing around with an idea for a fun, kid-friendly sushi that does not involve fish, and that F&B could take to school.  For once, I actually had whole carrots instead of the baby ones and realized that I had a workable idea, if I used grilled chicken.  So I hit the grocery store, bought some already grilled chicken strips, cooked up some sushi rice and got to work!

In the grand scheme of things, I probably should have still used the nori wrappers, but the effect wasn't bad.  Besides the rice, each piece of sushi had grilled chicken, thinly sliced carrots and a bit of cream cheese in it.  And it looked pretty, so that's a bonus.  Sushi kit I use is linked below, we find it so much easier than rolling with a bamboo mat.

Both kids had 4 pieces of sushi (they are larger than you'd think),  a fig bar, mini orange, plum slices, a strawberry and some raspberries.  Lots of fruit, but I'm low on veggies right now and my co-op basket comes in on Saturday, so I'm making do for now. It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).


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