More Back to School Bento, this time with pizza!

The first full week of school is going rather well.  And I have to admit I'm enjoying the peace and quiet during the day.  I think we finally had enough of summer by the end of it (the kids were bored, Faith's good friend spent the summer back him and Ben's friend moved in June).  But so far, second and fifth grades are a hit.

I'm still trying to avoid the sandwich rut early on in the year, so I was quite happy to find our favorite pizza bread on sale at the commissary bakery.  It's almost an Italian bread baked with cheese and pepperoni on top and so yummy!

Both kids had exactly the same lunch this time--a piece of pizza bread, sliced in two chunks to fit in the box, along with a container of marinara to dip it in.  I bought the dipping containers several years ago in Texas and they have some of the most secure lids I've used, I need to find similar ones again.  To go with this, they had panda cookies and watermelon, along with yogurt that was in a separate container in their bags.  It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).


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