A Bento for the Husband

Most of the time, the husband comes home for lunch. It's pretty much the main reason why we chose to live on post, so he could come home for meals, showers after PT, and all that kind of stuff.

But on Friday, his unit was out in the field and he was doing something or other with ammo, so I got the following texts:

Want to make me a bento?
For lunch?
Blog post!!!
Just finished delivering ammo, missed breakfast, now have to work on refuse turn in.

So I obliged.

So what does the husband eat?  I made him a pesto chicken salad and stuffed it into a whole grain pita with some romaine lettuce.  Side dishes were broccoli salad with bacon, chopped mango and a mini orange.  I added some gatorade and a bottle of water too.  It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).

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  1. Such a sweet wife! Nominated you today & linked to your page for One Lovely Blogger (which you are) :* Have a great day!

  2. Shannon, I too nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger award! Your blog has been such an inspiration to me! Thank you!!
    You can check out the details here if you accept :) http://www.bento-logy.blogspot.com/2012/09/one-lovely-blog-very-inspiring-blogger.html


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