Goodbyn Bento for the Husband

The husband has been in a class all last week as well as going to be in one next week. It's been interesting to be making him lunches again, sine he comes home almost all the time.

I did learn that the Goodbyns are a great size for food for the husband.  They can be a bit on the large side for the kids sometimes, so I don't get to use them nearly as often as I'd like, but they worked perfectly this week!

Lunch for the husband includes a sub sandwich (ham, turkey, pastrami and roast beef, along with two kinds of cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato) on a fluffy sub roll.  Because of my obsession with the Big Bang Theory, I now use the cheese on the outsides to create a barrier between the lettuce/tomato and the bread.  While it sounds quirky, it does work.  To go with that, I sent him carrot sticks, black grapes, a mini orange, pluot and pear.  His timing for lunch varies, so I thought whole fruits would be better, in case he didn't have the time to eat them.


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