New CuteZCute Bentos with Frogs & Pandas

I got the cutest new toy in the mail Wednesday, a CuteZCute cutter from JeeJee at All Things for Sale! The cutter sets the initial shape, then one of four different face plates make the design--panda, frog, kitty and pig.

Since yesterday was Faith's birthday and we went to eat lunch with her at school, our creations had to wait till today, but they were simply too cute!

Both kids actually had the same lunch--cream cheese and raspberry jam on multigrain rounds, carrots, two mini brownie bites and watermelon, but they each had different designs.  Ben had the frog, which was accented with some cute new picks from my friend Kendra at Biting the Hand that Feeds You.

Faith had trouble deciding between the panda and the kitty, but the panda won out since we had new panda picks from Kendra too.  I love it!  I think we're going to try a batch of my favorite sugar cookies to make some new designs too.

Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).



  1. SO CUTE... and the frog, pig, and panda look IDENTICAL to the ones on the lids of kotobuki bento boxes also available at allthingsforsale... I know what my next splurge is, because the panda box is a big fave in our house.


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