A Boy's Bento - Captain America & Spiderman!

You know you're a mom of a little boy when you use some of your birthday money to buy Marvel Super Hero cookie cutters at Williams-Sonoma. And then more of your birthday money to order the comic book style ones online. But I have one really happy Ben right now!
The press style cookie cutters work great for sandwiches, but make sure to cut the bread first, then spread on the filling. (And if you use raspberry jam, you might get some odd shading, next time I'm using cheese.)

Ben has two cream cheese and raspberry jam sandwiches on honey wheat (works better than 12 grain for the cutters), one cut out as Spiderman, one as Captain America.  To go with that, he has a boiled eggs, carrots and cucumber stars, and a piece of apple caramel cake I made the other night.  We were out of lunch-sized fruits, so he had an apple in his bag instead.


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