Bento-Free Friday, with fresh fried rice

One of my blogging friends suggested the name of Bento-Free Friday and I really like it. I try to have lunch with the kids on Fridays, especially since they have back-to-back lunches. But instead of sending them regular lunches, I have been bringing them something different to eat.

This week, we had fried rice and fruits!  I cooked the rice just before heading to their school and warmed the thermoses with hot water, so it was nice and toasty for lunch.  This fried rice is garlic, leftover chicken, peas and eggs.  Our standard version is rice, egg, garlic, soy sauce, and whatever veggies & meat we have in the fridge. We use Thermos Funtainers for hot foods.  Ben has Cars, Faith has a Princess one, although she'd like something a little different, so I'm on the hunt for the same size, different pattern at a good price!  I used a mini bento to add some fruits--yellow plums, mini orange slices and blueberries for Ben/grapes for Faith.

And one of my little lunch partner.  Since I ate with her, we were able to sit at another table and she could invite a friend to eat with us.  Ben's class does it differently and I got to eat with 7 other second graders too.