Disposable Field Trip Bento for Ben

So two weeks ago, I was in California for a Toyota Women event. I came home for a grand total of 7 days before I had to leave again for event #2. During the 7 days I spent at home, the kids had a 3 day weekend and the boy had a field trip. And the field trip required a disposable lunch.

Thankfully, I had a freezer full of raspberries I could steal a container from, since I hadn't saved anything from the recycle pile to use. And I save all samples we get for these kind of emergency lunches that need to be single use containers (although I still hate the trash it generates).

Ben has Ironman pressed sandwiches for his lunch, turkey and cheese on honey wheat, along with carrots and grapes.  It's packed in a raspberry clamshell and the raspberries were relocated to one of my reusable containers in the freezer.

For side dishes, I had some yummy Chobani Champions yogurt, along with a GoGoSqueez sample we got at an event this summer.  Ben informed me that no one else had super hero sandwiches and that I really should buy the GoGoSqueez stuff.

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  1. I find it so strange that you are required to provide disposable containers! Are the children not allowed to take a small bag with them on the trip? We always HAD to have a bag to carry our pens and worksheets in!

  2. We get asked to send throw-away lunches on occasion, too. I dislike 1) the trash and 2) that the kids are not allowed to bring home anything they don't finish. I went on one of the field trips - the amount of waste was incredible...

  3. for future non-disposable lunches, I think it's time to get (or use) freezer pop/yogurt silicone tubes and fill them with fruit sauce since he likes the disposable kind!

    etsy has some that seal with twist ties that are not silicone and take up a bit less space, too, btw.

    My daughter still turns up her nose at apple/fruit sauce... has since she got into finger foods... sigh... if I were packing lunches regularly for her brother who still loves them, I'd definitely have the refillable tubes.

  4. I saw this product at a conference and though it would be a great idea for those disposable container type of day. I also thought it would be great to make frozen drinks (adult type included) and use them for camping. Any frozen drink can keep the other things cold too.


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