Halloween Linzer Sandwiches Bento

It's a very Halloween-y lunch week this week. I've made some, saved some and will probably be making more!

These Linzer style sandwiches are one of my favorites for the cuteness factor, along with props for the easy factor. They are made with actual Wilton Linzer cutters (which I have in both Halloween and Christmas versions) and very easy to do. Just cut everything first (all the bread, the cheese, and the meat), then assemble. It's easier than cutting the completely made sandwich!

Faith has three linzer sandwiches, made of ham and cheddar on honey wheat, with cat, owl and bat cut outs.  I got four circles per slice of bread, with minimal crust leftover, so Dante-puppy ate that for me.  For side dishes she had carrots, grapes and a couple of Halloween sugar cookies I made.  If you look closely at the cookie, you can see the faint cat imprint.  It's darker in real life, but hard to see in a photo.


  1. I've always seen those cookie cutters but never thought to use them for sandwiches!! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing! Super cute lunch! =)

  2. I have the halloween linzer cutters and just make cookies with them but never thought of using them for sandwiches before. Great idea!


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