Snow White Bento for Faith!

Along with the superhero cookie cutters I bought for my birthday, I also had to have the set of Snow White ones. They came with 4 designs--Snow White, Evil Queen, Grumpy and Dopey, and I was hoping Faith would still let me make her a lunch with them.

While we are long past the Disney princess days now (she's 10), she was still on board for a themed lunch, especially since she thought Ben's pressed sandwiches were kind of cool.  The result?  One of my favorite lunches recently!

She has two Snow White themed pressed sandwiches--Snow White and the Evil Queen.  They are made from honey wheat as grainy/seeded bread does not take the imprints well.  Inside, they are cheese and turkey. To the right, I decided to keep up with the Snow White theme with red and green apple slices and a piece of apple caramel cake, complete with apple food picks.  She did have carrots & cucumbers as well, but they didn't match well and I used a separate container for them.  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon)


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