Extra East Fall Leaf Bento

Feeling a little fall-ish today, especially since it is a wee bit chilly in Colorado.  And we have lots and lots of leaves in the backyard (and a puppy who eats them for us).

And, after a conversation with a FB friend of mine, I really want to do a lunch made easy.  She was mentioning how many "easy" lunches were still not easy.  This one is!  If you haven't invested in cookie cutters yet, it's imperative to cute *easy* lunches.  I used Wilton metal leaf cutters for this bento, but any good size cookie cutters will do (there's an awesome jar of 101 on Amazon for around $12, great starter set!).

Ben has two fall leaf sandwiches, on honey wheat bread with ham and cheese, topped with two more mini cheese leaves.  For shaped sandwiches, it is a lot easier to cut everything first separately, then assemble the sandwich.  Plus, you can most effectively cut the bread to minimize scraps if you cut each piece individually.  For side dishes, he had a mini orange with a cute pick stuck in the top, along with cantaloupe and grapes.  Easy peasy and very cute. Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.