Simple Lunches with Elephants Bento

We were in a bit of a rush the other morning, and I couldn't find the cutters I wanted to decorate the boy's sandwich.  So, like we often do, I defaulted to elephant picks because he does love his elephants. He left for school, I moved a box and found the cutters.  Isn't that how it always works out?

So instead, Mr. Ben had his sandwich (turkey and cheese on whole wheat rounds) accented with a cute little elephant pick instead.  To the right, he had cantaloupe with a mini-elephant fork pick, a few carrots and a melon pudding we buy at the Asian grocery.  I have no idea exactly what they are, but he loves them.  (For those looking, they come in a big jar with four flavors--mango, melon, grape and strawberry, the bottoms are shaped like stars.)


  1. Love your great new bloggy makeover! So clean & cute :)

    1. Thanks! :) And with the new template, I can actually reply to comments. It's the little things. ;)


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