The Very Last Halloween Bento

As much as I love Halloween, I'm not exactly sorry that this is the very last Halloween bento I have to make for the year. I'm running low on ideas (especially not wanting to redo every idea I had last year too).

On Halloween, Faith's class had a field trip to the zoo, so she needed a 100% throwaway lunch because the zoo is a huge hike to go through and the teacher didn't want bags to deal with. I was out of disposable containers, so was in the freezer looking for ideas when Faith came in and said that the lunchmeat container would be perfect to take. Since she had a very good point, we emptied the container to a reusable one, washed the recyclable one and made lunch!

Faith had a turkey and cheese sandwich on multigrain rounds, topped with various cheese cutouts from our linzer cutter set.  She had one of the mini cupcakes I made for Ben's class party with a couple of extra candy corns and a Tootsie Roll (mostly a place holder to help keep the sandwich in place).  On the right, she had grapes and carrots, separated with paper muffin cups to keep up with the disposable theme.

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  1. That's one smart girlie you have there! LOVE the idea of using the lunch meat container!!!

  2. She also told me that I had to say it was her idea. :)


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