An Elf on the Shelf Bento

The kids are officially out of school for the year. They actually finished on Friday at 11:30am, so I didn't even have to make a Friday lunch. Ben's class had a Christmas cookie exchange and Faith got to be one of the soloists for their school singalong. I managed to make it to both of their events, along with a million and one other things on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, so I'm looking forward to our vacation time too.

I did have to make at least one Elf in the Shelf bento before school ended, and Ben was the lucky recipient.  I bought me an awesome set of Nordicware press-style cookie cutters at Target while I was picking up gift cards for their classroom teachers.  Now, it is debatable how much I need more cookie cutters, but I really wanted these and they have an elf!

Ben had two Elf in the Shelf sandwiches, made from honey wheat bread (so the presses show better) and filled with turkey & cheese.  He also had a Rudolph cookie that Nana sent him, a cutie orange and grapes.  I'm a bit low on some lunch fixings, but with Christmas vacation coming up, I'd rather double the fruit to use it out than to buy more veggies.  I like to leave an empty fridge when we are away.  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.

Now what about David, our real Elf on the Shelf?  

He's been busy and I'll update a post soon with most of his adventures. However, this marshmallow snowman is definitely one of our favorites!

Even more fun, our friends at Lunchbox Love have some cute, free printables available with Elf jokes for your kids!  I'm downloading these for Ben because he loves silly jokes like that!