A Lunchable-Style Bento for Faith

As frequently mentioned, F&B love the concept of Lunchables, but are not big fans of the flavor, or the fact that they really don't have enough food for them. So once again, we made our own, with a lot more food.

Faith has rolled black pepper turkey, slices of sharp orange cheddar and mild white cheddar, Van's new gluten free cheese crackers, a cutie orange, carrot sticks and some vanilla yogurt.  A little healthier, a lot more food, and she's quite happy!  It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).


  1. Yep, makes me laugh around here too -- our girls get so excited for Lunchables, but "just" want me to put in different cheese, and the kind of deli meat they really like, and really like "our" kind of crackers better. So if I could just switch those things they'd be perfectly happy with the Lunchables. Heh.


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