Quick Bento Lunches for Sick Mommy Days

Despite the fact that I have the plague (really, the cold from Hades, since last Sunday), the munchkins seem to still require food at regularly scheduled intervals. While aggravating, I suppose I am expected to feed them, and they are quite vocal when meals are late.  Goldfish bread might be one of my favorite items for these kinds of weeks.  Cute lunch with *NO* effort whatsoever, just add a sugar eye to the fishie bread and you've got an adorable sandwich right there.  Some pretty fruits for color, maybe a side of yogurt and it's a balanced lunch too.

Ben has turkey and cheese sandwich on the honey wheat Goldfish bread, along with blackberries, a kiwi, and a cutie orange.  He also took a container of Chobani Champions Orange Vanilla Yogurt on the side, his favorite kind.  Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.