Simple Freezer Stash Bento

School day two, and it's still quite peaceful at my house.

Today's lunch is nothing extraordinary, but does show how a nice box, neat stacks and colorful food can really make a boring lunch less blah.  I pulled the muffins and the blackberries from my freezer stash, so not only is it simple, it's quick too!

Ben has a corndog muffin, accented with an elephant pick for his entree, along with some pretzels and a few leftover M&Ms for a treat (the absence of red and green M&Ms are due to Christmas baking).  The bottom holds a cute orange and some frozen blackberries, along with a small elephant fork-pick.  Since the blackberries will thaw by lunch, I thought the boy might appreciate a way of eating them without getting juice on his hands.  It's packed in a 4-square Lock&Lock container, which is still a favorite of mine after all these years.

I'd highly recommend a freezer stash for lunches--freeze berries when they are at their best and on sale (these blackberries were $1/clamshell), make & freeze stuffed muffins for quick entrees, along with mini sweet muffins for desserts.  You can theoretically pull the entire lunch from the freezer with no prep work that morning!


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