Back to the Elephants Bento for Ben

If there's one thing that still makes my boy happy, it's elephants. And thanks to some awesome friends, we have a whole new variety of elephant picks and forks to decorate his lunches.  This one is only a small sampling of our elephant entourage, but it does make me smile.

Mr. Ben has a chili cornbread muffin from our freezer stash, blackberries (also from the freezer), a cutie orange carrots, and a Van's Cranberry-Almond gluten-free snack bar cut in half to fit the box.  It's decorated with his elephant picks, and tucked into a 4-square Lock & Lock box.


  1. The elephant in the blackberries looks like it's peeking out of the brush. Cute!

  2. Cute! I love all of your different elephants :D


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