More Valentine's Bento Ideas with Dollar Store Finds

Remember yesterday when I said I didn't need to buy a container at the dollar store just to show that I could make a bento in one because I don't need anymore containers? Yeah, that was before there were Star Wars boxes in the Dollar Spot at Target. I have a 7 year old boy. Nothing says "I love you" quite the way Star Wars stuff does.  There was also an R2D2 collapsible water bottle.  We now own one of those too.  At least it goes with my "Cute Bentos on the Cheap" theme!

So today, Ben had a turkey and cheese sandwich on multigrain rounds.  It's topped with a marble cheese heart and a provolone heart, cut with the Dollar Tree cutters from yesterday.  The pick in the sandwich is also from the Dollar Tree--they come in a pack of about 100 primary colors, plus green and white, all topped with a heart.  They are longer than standard picks too, maybe about 3 inches.  His cutie orange also has a Dollar Tree pick from the muffin paper and pick sets.

He also has baby carrots with a couple turned into hearts.  Just cut the carrot on a diagonal, flip, and piece back together into a heart.  Since Ben is 7, I used a small bit of toothpick to hold them together and just told him to remove it before eating.   With littler ones, you could "glue" them together with some PB or cream cheese, or use a toothpick to pierce them but a broken spaghetti noodle to hold them together.  The noodles just soften over time.

It's packed in his new Star Wars box, which is smaller in width/length, but fairly deep.  The orange fit just fine with the box lid shut.  I added a container of his new favorite Chobani flavor (raspberry with dark chocolate bits) and a Kids' Clif oatmeal bar for snacks.

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