Valentine's Bento Lunch with Dollar Store Accessories

One question I often get is how to start with cute, decorative bentos without spending a fortune!  Holiday bentos are probably the easiest ones to create on a low budget, the dollar stores often have plenty of options available.  This year, we found a 5 pack of heart/Valentine cookie cutters for $1 and a package of 18 plastic cupcake picks and 18 paper muffin cups for $1 at the Dollar Tree, along with tubs of Valentine sprinkles for $1 at the Dollar Spot at Target.  Last year, the Dollar Tree also had muffin papers with wood & paper picks.  I saved some of those for this year too.

Since it is Valentine week and I could go with hearts for him, Ben has 4 mini ham and cheese heart sandwiches on honey wheat bread, topped with heart picks.  He has a Cutie orange sitting in a Valentine cupcake paper, along with some vanilla yogurt with heart sprinkles.  It's packed in our Easy Lunchboxes (also available on Amazon).

To help, I did take a picture of our dollar store finds for this lunch. I debated making it a full dollar store lunch, but I really didn't need to buy more containers just to make it! So I went with our tried & true Easy Lunchboxes instead.


  1. Well, I know where I'm going tomorrow -- those cutters are cute!

  2. Super cute lunch! LOVE the way you arranged the sandwiches! Yay for bento on a budget!!

  3. Super cute! I just picked up the pick and muffin paper pack :D

  4. Hello!

    I love your blogs! I too blog. My blog is currently a personal blog but I would like to start doing Bento too because I am soon going to be making them everyday (or most days). In your opinion is it better to have two separate blogs, one for Bento and one for personal? If so, do you think I should put all food related posts (I also do reviews and tutorials) on my bento blog, or should my reviews and tutorials stay on my personal blog. I am just so confused with what to do lol. I would love your opinion on this.

    Thanks for sharing your fun bentos!


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