Quick Monday Morning Bento

I've got two specific bento related projects to work on this week, so did not want to have to make a fancy Monday morning bento too.  Plus a few items (the last few strawberries, for instance) needed to be saved for those projects, so we need something easy, quick and low on the required ingredients list.

So for an easy Monday morning, we opted for corn dog muffins from our freezer stash, a cutie orange, some carrots, and some veggie straws, along with a yogurt parfait (not pictured).  Despite the small appearance, sandwich boxes actually do hold quite a bit of food and are a great starter bento for only $1-$2!


  1. With muffins from your freezer.. do you take them out ahead of time, or that morning? Do the kids eat them cold, or do they have a way to warm them up? Obviously a blueberry muffin would be eaten at room temperature, but I can't imagine eating a corn dog muffin (which I assume has hotdog in it) at room temperature. Of course, I'm a picky eater. :)

    1. Mine eat them cold. I took these ones out the night before to make sure they defrosted before lunch. I'm not sure I like them cold, but they do, so we go with it! :)

  2. Looks tasty! We had a similar Monday "don't eat that I need it for later" lunch :D


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