Sesame Street Bento

Despite the fact that my kids are now 10 and 7, I really really wanted the Sesame Street cookie cutters from Williams-Sonoma. When they went on sale for $6ish with free shipping, I finally ordered them. They arrived, Faith took one look at them and said "You *have* to make me a Cookie Monster sandwich!!!"

Well then, that worked out perfectly!  She also popped into the kitchen to help out, along with making some suggestions to perfect the lunch.  She's the one who found the black gel icing to make the eyes and wanted the mouths cut out because it will, and I quote, "give them better texture in your picture."

So my girl headed off to school with a Cookie Monster and an Elmo sandwich, ham and cheese on honey wheat.  The cookie cutters made most of the impressions, then we added two drops each of black gel cupcake icing to make the eyes, and a slice of carrot (dot of cream cheese on the back) to make Elmo's nose.  To the right, she wanted carrots and some canned pears with cinnamon since she's tired of oranges right now and didn't like the berries I had. Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.


  1. Cute! I love those too! I also have the Snow White ones. My little one is not quite 6 - so hopefully I'll get to use them enough for what I spent! :)


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