Simple Angry Birds Bento, using the CutezCute cutter!

The other day, I made Ben a piggie shaped sandwich and he had commented that it looked like it could be an Angry Bird pig. I promised him I'd see what I could do about making it an actual Angry Bird pig and this bento was born.


Ben has two Angry Birds sandwiches--one King Pig and one regular, along with blackberries, blueberries and some veggie straws.  He also took a Greek yogurt for snack.

How to make the Angry Birds?  You'll need your sandwich fixings, the CutezCute cutter, and a bear shaped egg mold.

For the big pig, cut your standard sandwich (meat, cheese, bread) with the CutezCute cutter and make the pig face on one of the bread slices.  Using the heel of the bread, recut a nose and swap the pieces about for the darker shade.  Fill the eye holes with a dot of cream cheese.  I used two Wilton sugar eyes to cover up the eye holes, although I think they should be a little bit lower next time.  Cut a rectangle of cheese, scallop the end with a knife or a small circle and tuck into the sandwich like a crown.

For the small pig, use the flat side of the bear egg mold to cut your meat cheese and bread, assemble the sandwich.  Add an oval from the heel of bread for the nose and two more sugar eyes.

And you've got piggies, yay!  Even better?  You've got extremely quick-to-make piggies, the entire lunch took under 10 minutes to make.  And I saved the outside breads to make egg-in-a-hole for breakfast, so double win!

What did I use?  It's all right below!


  1. Okay I have to say saving the outside of the bread was a genius idea. I never thought of saving it for that. I usually throw it to our dog that always loyally keeps me company while I make lunches!

    1. Dante gets a lot of the scraps too, but after a few of these sandwiches, it's too much bread for a smaller sized dog. :) He also prefers the cheese!


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