Battle of the Books Bento!

Faith had her Battle of the Books practice meet yesterday! Basically, there are 40 books for each team of 4 to read, then they answer trivia type questions on them. They can discuss with their teammates and the group submits one answer per question. So far, Faith has read 25 of the 40, and hoping to get a few more done before the real competition. She has also reread several too, to make sure she remembers the earlier ones.

I promised her I'd try to come up with a Battle themed bento too!

Faith has (and the books they go with):
  • A castle shaped ham and cheese sandwich for Castle in the Attic
  • A frog shaped ham and cheese sandwich for Jennifer Murdley's Toad
  • A palm tree skewer of cheese cubes for The Cay
  • A cutie orange with a puppy pick for Shiloh and/or Where the Red Fern Grows
  • Carrot sticks with cucumber stars for Number the Stars
Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes.


  1. Battle of the Books sounds like a wonderful way to encourage reading. Love your lunch and how it connects to so many books!

  2. Wonderful....a great way to reward Faith for reading!

  3. Great lunch! I love that you incorporated so many books in one! :D


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