Easter Leftovers Bento Ideas

Like most others, I'm sure, we have a plethora of Easter leftovers right now, including quite a bit of ham and boiled eggs. Despite finding a smaller ham in the 7lb range, it appears as if no one in our house actually ate any. My plans include split pea soup with the ham bone, some sandwiches, and some new ideas, especially the mini-pies today!

My friend Kelly from EasyLunchboxes shared an Impossibly Easy Mini Pies link from Betty Crocker awhile back and I've had it in the back of my head to try for lunches. I used their same base recipe (1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup bake mix, 2 eggs), but made my own filler with ham.

For lunch, Faith had two of the mini pies, along with a leftover sliced boiled egg, baby carrots and a Cutie orange. Lunch is packed in our Easy Lunchboxes. I also bought 40lbs of apples last weekend with my produce basket, so she has homemade apple chips for snack.  (Side note: Kids and dog love the dehydrated apple and banana chips.  Especially the dog.)

Now, as for the mini pies, I used the base recipe linked above, then combined about 1.5 cups of diced ham, a big handful of shredded sharp cheddar, a few tablespoons of Italian Herb cooking creme and a few tablespoons of mayo, in a separate bowl.  I mixed those four together, then put the tablespoon of the pie mix in the muffin pans, a large scoop of the ham mixture on top, then another tablespoon of pie mix on top and baked as directed (375 degrees for about a half hour).  I managed a dozen out of the mixture I made--4 went in lunches, 5 went in the fridge, and 3 didn't make it to the cooling rack because that had to be taste tested.  We just had to check!


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